This quiet town sits on the banks of the Tourendel River in the Fangwood. Orignally named Kassen’s Hold, it was founded in 4522 by former Lastwall Crusader and adventurer Ekat Kassen. The town grew and prospered until one of Kassen’s former cohorts, Asar Vergas, came to the area.

Vergas felt cheated by Kassen on their last adventure and brought a band of mercernaries with him to exact vengeance. After several raids on his town, Kassen led a group of townsfolk to Vergas’ camp, where a bloody battle was fought. Vergas was slain and his followers dispersed, but Kassen died from his wounds. Kassen and his killed followers were buried with honors in a crypt a few days travel from town. Vergas and his bandits were also interred, though with no distinction.

Kassen, population 750, is mostly inhabited by humans, with a few halflings and half orcs. All the buildings are made of wood and mud, with the exception of the Temple of Erastil.

Each year on the anniversary of the day that Ekat Kassen and his companions set out to battle Vergas’ bandits, a small group of townsfolk travel to the crypt. They light a lantern from the everflame at the crypt, bringing it back to town as a symbol of Kassen’s resilence and ability to withstand the difficulties of winter.


Crypt of the Everflame sherlock